Tuesday, April 24, 2012

the steady phase

now that I am officially a preschool teacher
Im super duper over to the top happy
but..<this is were the problem starts>

I heard this from everybody..
that nobody is contented with his/her life
I wanted improvements again ASAP

so I was looking for what upgrades i could get...

I have been going to seminars..
and Im happy im learning...

so the next step should be appealing for my resume..
the wonderful greatest clai's resume..

lets press this together
the upgrade button
start now!!!!


  1. Hi Clai,

    The teaching job sounds really nice and I think you will enjoy it much more than the call center. Take your time and enjoy your experiences, I think it will be really rewarding for you teaching the kids.

    In many ways, personal time, personal satisfaction, being respected and valued on the job, and feeling (knowing) that you make a difference and are doing something positive in a job is more valuable than a job that pays better money but where you do not feel valued or respected. It never hurts to work on your resume and have goals for the future, but also enjoy what you're doing now.

  2. I agree! just looking at my uniform makes me feel proud. I always get a lot of greetings from strangers, and even calling me "Ma'am" or "Madame"
    Its a great feeling!