Saturday, May 19, 2012

Teacher's update and an upcoming upgrade

Mickey Mouse Tries to welcome you to our school
the parents are starting to come by
and inquire to the newly built school

More paper works
When I was still a nurse in the hospital
we do have paper works...and those are for
legal aspects..simply writing what have you done
to the patient...

this time being a teacher...
instead of nursing care plan..what i make
is Lesson plan... there's a big difference
when it comes to concepts...but the format
and principles of doing just the same

Thank God...Im blessed with creativity
because being a teacher
part of your role is prepare the classroom
and it includes decorations

See? I got piles....of papers
those are only for the month of June
the rest of the 9 months to be followed
still on progress

If I would count how many times I've been in an
organizational charts..that would be twice
1st time = as a registered nurse for only 3 months
2nd time = as a teacher
and this time for one year...

And the first time I have ever encountered
the little sweet beings...
I really enjoyed playing with them...
during their enrollment...
I assessed their skills like
Identifying colors
counting numbers
writing letters
singing A,B,C.....Z

I am enjoying every bit
Im an able person
all around

I can sing
fix computer
play piano
give health advice

I've gone so far...from graduation last 2 years...
I passed the Nursing Licensure Exam
and now...I have to pass
the Licensure exam for teachers...

Honestly..I feel like doubting my intelligence
that's why I tried to enroll for a review
i never had four years to study the theories
and concepts of education..and i have a lot more to learn

Board exam is on September 30, 2012
my major is Biological Science
not really far from Nursing right????
but this one is very broad
since its not only human
im dealing with but also