Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I survived...

June 4, 2012
marks the start of the school year 2012-2013

things to do

- Morning Prayer
- Prepare Classroom
- Clean the Classroom (which i dont get why??)
we dont have any cleaners in the school...the indonesian sisters
told us that the teachers in indonesia, cleans the classroom....
unlike here in the philippines...I disagree, though im still doing it
I have no choice either...

- Prepare TV for film showing
- Greet parents and pupils in the gate
- Teach Prayer (the school has a morning prayer which I haven't memorized yet)
during the class, I was praying...I paused for about 5 seconds to recall the prayer
<that was embarassing>
-then we sang and play
-say our Prayer before the meal is served
-then took our break
-play again
-Closing prayer
-teachers clean again the classroom and school
- record attendance
-log onto the teacher's diary
-do anecdotal record
-make visual aids for the lesson tomorrow
- closing prayer together with the sisters
-Me, go home

I usually fell asleep 30 min. right after I lay down in my bed..
but now..when I lay down at my precious bed...I instantly...
close my eyes and went directly...FAST...to Dream land

Besides the roles and duties I signed up for...
I also took the position as a Health Coordinator..
So I also made programs for Nutrition and Hygiene
Darn! I was so happy when I received that note
My Nursing License....ATLAST!!!! I was able to use it! :D
and that makes me feel better...

so there goes my weekdays...

my weekend goes to the review for board exam
although I should also give enough time for me to make lesson plans
atleast for the whole month of
July, August and September...
so that I'll be only bothering my modules for review...


I got to trim down my time blogging, I guess...
and a little time on facebook...
because...today...I was in front of the computer whole day
filling up the days where I used to be in front of the module..
that's why I dont like reviewing here in my house..
I wanted somewhere...where computer is unknown..
but I need it for lesson plan making and for my visual aids..
(internet addiction)

got to memorize the name of this kids...
though Im really tired...
I love playing with them........
as if im also a kid too...
but when i teach..
they obey me like a parent...

And that certain, aura...i dont posses
they can see that in me
they fear me sometimes...
so I make sure I was also a friend to them..

my words are authority to them..
so I make sure that Im not abusing it..
they are hear to learn...and I am paid to do that!