Tuesday, April 24, 2012

the steady phase

now that I am officially a preschool teacher
Im super duper over to the top happy
but..<this is were the problem starts>

I heard this from everybody..
that nobody is contented with his/her life
I wanted improvements again ASAP

so I was looking for what upgrades i could get...

I have been going to seminars..
and Im happy im learning...

so the next step should be appealing for my resume..
the wonderful greatest clai's resume..

lets press this together
the upgrade button
start now!!!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Sunflower group

Saturday and Sunday was actually day offs for teachers..
but the Sisters / my bosses asked me to come today...
so I went..i thought it was something for the school..but it wasn't

We had a little meeting with some teenagers and early 20s ladies...
and then I learned that I was in charge for the music department..(oh boy!)
before we called our group SUNFLOWER...
we introduced ourselves..im glad i get to meet new friends

and so the sister told us that..they are forming the group
because there's no NUNS in the town...
so I guess they were looking out for someone...(not me)
who will be part of their congregation and mission...

I can join / help them with the mission...but I can't be a nun..
its final...oh no...I just hope I will not eat this words...

I dont know why?? maybe because I want to be a mother someday
oh gosh...what am i even saying..it gives me chills! X_X

Thursday, April 12, 2012

day 4 of a new teacher


one of the excitements of being a teacher...
is able to teach and hear you're students 'awe'
implying they understand...

I met the first enrollee today...
she's 5 years old and shy...she thought she was going to study today
I asked her if she likes to sing..
she said "NO" firmly...hahhaaha

Im in charge for MUSIC, RELIGION and COMPUTER
Music = confident
Computer = more confident
Religion = uh oh? (so help me God!)

The Sisters are really helping me a lot
they were from Indonesia and they dont speak tagalog fluently
so before nod for approval..I make sure, I relay again what they
are implying...
too many struggles, with communication...but its manageable..
plus I get to learn some Indonesian language too....

its really fun..even though i only work 1/2 day
I still learn...

tomorrow...the week wrap up!
I dont really feel like working..its like going to school and feeling like a student..

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

1st day at school

The day before the 1st day at school
me, my mom and my sister went to Rizal park

We went home so late..that I only had
6 hours to sleep before my first day
as a teacher...

The Next day / Big Day

Its summer so, we still dont get to teach..
this April and May will be all about preparation
for the whole school year...

these were my assignments:
- I'll teach (Computer, Music, Arts and Physical Education, Religion)
- each subjects has books...so i have 3 books to review
- Make 3 syllabus
- all subjects from the 3 books must have lesson plans (thats like hundreds of them)

YIKES!!! so being a teacher doesn't really mean
just talking in front of the students
all lessons should be prepared...
this time...my sense of creativity is being called for a challenge
I dont really worry at all...
its because...arts, music, dance, sports and computer plus my knowledge
with God...is my PASSION...

so this is what they really call SATISFACTION...

Since its already Tuesday...and I already had my 2nd day
of work...all i did the whole time I was in school..is finish 3 syllabus..

I have like 6 pending syllabus to make...

when I was a nurse I used to make Nursing Care Plan
being a teacher....Lesson Plan....

Monday, April 2, 2012

Meet my students..^_^

Education is a basic human right..
everyone deserves to learn
that's why its free to go to school and study...

I have this huge opportunity to teach High School students
from Abuyod National High School..
and I will remember it...until I die..

I asked the students what do they think are the
possible hindrances in their education....

(before I asked this question, I told everybody to raise
their hand if they were one of the sure students who will get
the chance to study in college)

guess how many? out of 50 students
only 6

the answer to their questions
-Financial Problems
-Peer Influence
-Family Problems

I shared a little speech to motivate them
"Nothing is impossible with a  person with perseverance,
struggles is inevitable, it will make us strong.
instead of giving up, make a goal and work hard to earn it"

they listen to me very well
I dont really have listeners whenever I talk
and seeing them listen attentively
makes me more powerful and careful
they might remember me and my words
so if there's something that I have to say or tell them
it should be something
they will use and remember forever..

im not really a terrorist teacher..

Im not like

I dont even make them stand up when they answer my questions
Im a democratic teacher...
I just make sure everyone answers the question

Realization #1
trust me...if you were like me in front of the class
you'll know every concerns of the students
many of my students would laugh...and you'll notice it right away
even those who use cellphones during class...
and even the letters they sent to their seatmates