Thursday, April 12, 2012

day 4 of a new teacher


one of the excitements of being a teacher...
is able to teach and hear you're students 'awe'
implying they understand...

I met the first enrollee today...
she's 5 years old and shy...she thought she was going to study today
I asked her if she likes to sing..
she said "NO" firmly...hahhaaha

Im in charge for MUSIC, RELIGION and COMPUTER
Music = confident
Computer = more confident
Religion = uh oh? (so help me God!)

The Sisters are really helping me a lot
they were from Indonesia and they dont speak tagalog fluently
so before nod for approval..I make sure, I relay again what they
are implying...
too many struggles, with communication...but its manageable..
plus I get to learn some Indonesian language too....

its really fun..even though i only work 1/2 day
I still learn...

tomorrow...the week wrap up!
I dont really feel like working..its like going to school and feeling like a student..

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