Saturday, March 31, 2012

student again!

If you are a lost nurse and you dont know where to go?
I told you there's lots of opportunities not just in the hospital

I have crossed this info in the internet, that the educational system
of the Philippines will change
from 10 years of elementary and Highschool
it will become 12 years now..
so I had this deep analysis that they will need then thousands of teachers..

I decided then to study again
I earned 21 units of Education subject (Education Course)
which they call SUPPLEMENTAL...
the subjects are not highly interesting (for me) but definitely essential <LOL>
I encountered theories like (you can cover your ears)


Im eager to finish this course...Im not really a lazy student
so I really study hard...look at my grades

and now Im eligible to take the Licensure exam for teachers
(board exam again)

I just finished the supplemental course in just one semester
(really fast)...just this march 2012

the application is not really that fact the job was searching for me
while im still studying..that's how IN DEMAND the teachers are here in the philippines

much easier than finding a job as a nurse...(im really bitter dont I?)
well, not for the one who has "BACKER" or a relative from that hospital
just a week or'll get hired..

and so I moved on...
now I got signed...

yeah right! Im a teacher now!

Did I just Betrayed my Degree!?
Im still a Nurse to everybody
this is just a shift
or maybe an upgrade
or maybe this is my true
calling or destiny..
we will never know
last 5 years ago...I planned to work in the hospital
now Im going to work in a school
this is how life made a joke on me..hahhaha

did I mentioned that I did have some friends while we study??

Friday, March 30, 2012

BPO industry for Nurses

Most of my Batch mates...told me this

I once tried to apply for a call center job
this is the events

9am - I arrived at the building.

 * i have no idea about the head hunter.
Until the applicant beside me shared that
they contact applicants and in their office.
Recruiters from different BPO company
sits in small cubicles, you will either be in a panel interview
or its just you whom they will interview*

*the head hunter will provide training and tips on how
to nail your in one'll be able to be interviewed
by 4-6 recruiters of BPO companies...without the expense of transportation
it will just happen in one eh???*

the best tips I could give you are the ff:
- bring many resume
- anticipate questions like "tell me something about yourself"
- if inexperienced in this industry..tell them your'e willing to train and learn
- expect essay writing and English exams.

11am - start of interview

1st company (failed the interview)
2nd company (Passed the panel interview)

stage 1 : individual interview (passed, expect psychological questions)
stage 2 : computer exam (passed, testing typing skills, listening skills)
stage 3 : contract signing (read the contract)

the next day you'll be for medical examination expenses by the company
I was hired! yes...they said they'll call me after 2 weeks but I received nothing
then I learned that the account I applied to...backed out
I haven't received the training so the contract was not effective...
the company advised me to go on for another application..
but oh well thanks...but I will go search for something again

Thursday, March 29, 2012

To start a New...

I'd like to start a new blog

A blog that will record my Journey
a blog that will capture moments of
and everything i will encounter

Im a Nurse and still a Nurse
but due to struggles landing a job here in my country
I decided to find my way somewhere
helping to minimize the unemployment rate of this nation.

I am Clai..this is my story

I graduated Bachelor of Science in Nursing
March of the most defining moments of my life

I passed the Nursing Licensure Exam on
December 2010...through drowning myself with the heavy books
which i usually neglect during Nursing undergrad dayss

I have received my license on March 2011
and at the same month and year
I was already an IV therapy Nurse.

I was lucky, I got picked in a raffle
out of 600..only 60 will be the lucky nurses
the prize?

a 3 months hospital experience in a government hospital
(a great awesome project of the government to rescue
unemployed nurses)

btw...we were compensated 400/day
you can join the raffle again..but you can see for yourself
if your lucky again...which im not

after the 3 months working..I tried volunteer nursing
I lasted 3 first day was awful
no orientation, unorganized system
some mistakes, 12 hours working
I quit...and looked out to some possible jobs related to my course