Tuesday, April 10, 2012

1st day at school

The day before the 1st day at school
me, my mom and my sister went to Rizal park

We went home so late..that I only had
6 hours to sleep before my first day
as a teacher...

The Next day / Big Day

Its summer so, we still dont get to teach..
this April and May will be all about preparation
for the whole school year...

these were my assignments:
- I'll teach (Computer, Music, Arts and Physical Education, Religion)
- each subjects has books...so i have 3 books to review
- Make 3 syllabus
- all subjects from the 3 books must have lesson plans (thats like hundreds of them)

YIKES!!! so being a teacher doesn't really mean
just talking in front of the students
all lessons should be prepared...
this time...my sense of creativity is being called for a challenge
I dont really worry at all...
its because...arts, music, dance, sports and computer plus my knowledge
with God...is my PASSION...

so this is what they really call SATISFACTION...

Since its already Tuesday...and I already had my 2nd day
of work...all i did the whole time I was in school..is finish 3 syllabus..

I have like 6 pending syllabus to make...

when I was a nurse I used to make Nursing Care Plan
being a teacher....Lesson Plan....

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